If you run a small business one of the most important things that you have is your customers data. Not only is this information sensitive, it is also vital to your everyday operations. But when something goes wrong and you lose that data thing can really get serious fast. Recovering data can be very expensive and your small business may not be able to afford having someone do it for you. Luckily there are some highly affordable data recovery products out there, that will allow you to do it on your own. Below are five of the best data recovery products for small businesses.


Stellar Recovery

Stellar recovery has been around for a very long time and has been in the data recovery business since the 90’s. Their recovery software will allow you to recover a single file or an entire drive. The only drawback to this software is that it does not support advanced recovery.


Disk Drill

A very good data recovery tool, Disk Drill is very easy to use and is highly affordable. Disk Drill comes with multiple scan options which includes a very powerful deep scan. This feature will allow you to find files even when there is no partition present. Disk Drill is also a great tool that will help protect your data.

MiniTool Partition Recovery

Great for recovering single files or an entire partition, MiniTool is a great asset that any small business can use. This data recovery tool has flexible scanning and can recover files from many different types of hard drives including SATA drives, IDE drives, and SCSI drives.

Undelete 360

This is a small data recovery software program that gets the job done. Free to use, this tool is great for anyone on a tight budget. Undelete 360 is a very easy to setup program that works really fast. Great for those who need to recovery data quickly, you really can’t go wrong with this program. The only drawback is that it cannot be used with Windows 10 or 8.

DM Disk Editor and Data Recovery Software

Last but not least we have DM Disk Editor and Data Recovery Software. This program is a powerful tool that is great for finding lost data. No matter what type of file you have this software can find it. Recovering photos, videos, and other types of documents is a breeze. It also offers RAID reconstruction and it can easily clone a disk.