Corporate Partners

Corporate partners benefit by expanding their link to the rapidly growing marketplace demand to see minority, women, and small and local businesses gain access-to-opportunity on construction projects developed in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.This fosters a transactional relationship with key demographics which can lead to a stronger local economy. The MMCA is a vehicle that can in a productive and efficient manner.

Top 10 Reasons to Become a MMCA Corporate Partner:

1 Promote your project development to a larger pool of minority, women, small and local business owners that are engaged in the construction industry in a variety of services

2 Access to key industry leaders in the construction industry

3 Resources to help make doing business with minority, women, small and local businesses easy and simple

4 Timely updates of national and local industry news

5 Networking opportunities with all segments of the industry

6 Professional business development seminars and workshops

7 Meeting the demands of your customers and/or government agencies for construction project compliance requirements

8 Opportunity to enhance your business diversity sales initiatives

9 Public recognition for outstanding corporate programs in support of minority, women, small and local business development initiatives 10 Convenient access to MMCA – a phone call away

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