Advancements in technology have consequently led to improvements in not only the global world but also in the sports platform. Over the past two decades, sports have seen great success through the advanced technology that has brought thrill and excitement in sporting. Ranging from simple instant replays decades ago to goal-line technology, innovations and inventions have seen to an exciting rush in the sport. It is undeniable to note that new technology in 2018 has surpassed the expectations of most individuals ever since the past decade.

Consequently, 2018 has been sport-centred, filled with technological improvements that without a doubt left most sports lovers in awe. New technological advancements were seen especially during the 2018 world cup. During the competitions, goal-line technology was seen in action where sensors determined the nature of the goal rather than the naked eye’s perspective. With the technology in place, the actual results are obtained without error.

The world cup games also saw to the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) taking action. The VAR technology involves a separate referee who uses video footages and communication headsets to communicate with the head referee concerning the decisions made in the field. Instant replays would be reviewed, and the assistant relays the information for a better gaming experience. Moreover, innovators dug deep into technological advancements, and from their artificial intelligence, they came up with turning soccer video clips into three dimension holograms. Further technological advancements have been achieved in biometric securities, payment options and identification in such stadiums as Seattle sports stadium. Individuals can make payments of their drinks with a simple fingerprint scan, wherein payments would be processed as well as identification verification for alcohol purchases.

Sportsmen and women all over the globe have also been observed to be using wearable technology that monitors the vitals of the individuals exercising. The wearable technology ensures that the sportsmen attain their targets while practising therein recommended for sporting. Advancements in technology have also seen to deals being struck to have the games streamed live on social media such as Twitter and Facebook. For instance, the NFL struck a deal with Twitter to have their matches streamed live. Finally, technology in sports in 2018 has had sports betting and gambling to be on a constant rise. Gambling options would have been diversified while the games are being aired. Therefore, technology in sports in 2018 has not only been favourable to the sportsmen but also to sports lovers and gamblers.