Disk cloning software is a must-have for all computer users due to the occasional failure of hard disk drives. Disk cloning is a process that involves creating the exact complete replica of a system’s hard drive on to another device. This term is most often interchanged with disk imaging where a hard drive is backed up onto a compressed file. Cloning a drive ensures the preservation of all data stored on the system and all installed software. Disk cloning software also ensures switching out system hard drives especially when upgrading from mechanical hard drives to solid state drives (SSD). Discussed below are what I consider the best disk cloning software of 2018 ;

Acronis Disk Directo12

AcronisThis is a windows only disk cloning suite. With this software, you get a wide array of supported disk services. It also supports multiple disk formats. It also contains disk management software inclusive of resizing, merging of volumes creating and formatting partitions as well as volume recovery.

EaseUs Todo Backup 11.0

EaseUS Todo Backup Advanced ServerThis software has a free tier with a lot of functionality, an attractive interface with a wide range of cloning activities and includes free trials for other tiers. It offers more features than most cloning software .The home tier adds file exclusion , emails, and offsite copies. It can also perform Outlook back up and recovery. However, it does not support continuous backups.


This is widely known as the free imaging and cloning software. It comes with features for cloning, partitioning as well as imaging. It has freeware and can run from a USB stick or optical media. Its only pitfall is that it has a clunky Linux interface.This cloning software also offers additional functionality such as disk imaging and partitioning .. It also provides reliable service and for a good low cost . It is a favorite for many people as it has been in use for man y years with good reviews .